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Programs available in the Career Center.


Community Service

All our students are encouraged to serve as volunteers in and around our community. Some of our academies offer special incentives for their students that complete Community Service volunteer hours.

For those of you who are looking at going to college, many of the colleges and universities are now using volunteer hours as part of their criteria in accepting students into their schools. Volunteering can give you that winning edge.

Many of the scholarships offered today use volunteerism as their major selection criteria, GPA's, letters of recommendations and essays.

If you plan on raking in the scholarship bucks, you need to get yourself started in Volunteering.

Check out the Community Service bulletin or come in and talk to Mr. Amavisca in the Career Center. He can refer you to the agency or program that best suits you.


The Portfolio program is no longer a graduation requirement but it is in your best interest to keep the components of the portfolio updated. 

The portfolio program was put into place by a joint effort of the HUHSD and the BET committee (Business and Education Together)to ready our students for the job market. 

The following Items should be included in your Portfolio:

1. Resume - Ready for use in applying for jobs and for presenting at interviews. Your resume must include three personal references including the name, address and phone number of the person that you are using as your reference.  For those of you who will be apllying for scholarships through the "Local Scholarship Program", you will need to attach a resume to your application. 

2. Cover letter - To accompany your resume when applying for a job or requesting an interview. These are used mainly mainly when applying for jobs through mail. 

3. Personal Statement/Scholarship Essay - You are required to write a 1 - 1 1/2 page essay using specific guidelines available in the Career Center. This essay is used as a basis for writing your essay for college applications and for many scholarships.

4. Letters of Recommendation - 2 letters of recommendation should be included. They can be from any person over the age of 18, not related to you. Employers/former employers and teachers are your best bet.

There are a number of other items that you will need in order to complete your portfolio. These items will be reviewed with you when you come in and check your progress.