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Click here to Download Local Scholarship Application



Click on the words "Click here to Download" above.  This link will open up a PDF that you can fill out and print for each scholarship you are applying for.  You will not be able to save your work so please view the application, gather the needed information then log on to complete the application.  Once you have filled out the application, all you will need to change is the scholarship name and membership information, then print on app for each scholarship you are applying for. 




Below is the link for the Local Scholarship Packet (Book One) .  Just in case you loose your hard copy.  I will not be making any extras so please be sure to take care of your first copy.  (Click on the words"Scholarship Pactket # One")

Also find below a template for a Resume that you are required to attach with each application.  Fill out with your own information then print out for each scholarship you are applying to.  See Mr. Amavisca for help or more info. 






Mr. Ruben A. Amavisca




Local Scholarship Packet # One.


 Resume Template