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You are encouraged by your academy to complete 12 hours each year of Community Service. The Professional Services Academy asks that you complete 24 hours of Community Service each year, this will allow you to graduate with a special diploma.

Hanford Nursing Home
Mijha Leasure from the Hanford Nursing Home is seeking students to come in and assist with general office duties and other activities as needed.  Anyone interest in Volunteering for this should contact Mijha @ 582-2871.  You must fill out an application.  You may want to take a copy of your resume, also. 
Hanford YMCA
The Hanford YMCA is looking for student to help out in their after school mentoring program.  Menotors are asked to help elementary students with homework, coaching sports, and just generally hang out with kids. 
You can contact Miguel Rodriguez at 584-YMCA for more information and to sign up.

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Get involved in your community.

The following is a list of the Community Service Opportunites that we have available in the Career Center.

Soup Kitchen

The Episcopal Church of the Savior Soup Kitchen provides daily meals, Monday through Saturday. The are in need of colunteers to help in food preperation, set up, serving and clean up. This would be an excellent opportunity for those who enjoy erving others.

Hanford Community Medical Group

STUDENT VOLUNTEERS are needed at the Hanford Community Medical Group in their Home Health Department. Assistance in filing, general office and reception is needed. You must be responsible and have good verbal skills as well as being highly motivated. Only those students referred by the Career Center will be able to apply for this volunteer possition. See Mrs. Bristol for a referral.

Big Brother-Big Sisters

The Big Brothers-Big Sisters are looking for student volunteers to help them with their programs. You can contact Ruben Amavisca in the Career Center Ms. Glover in the Office for more information and to sign up to be a part of the Program.